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A pre-ride inspection is crucial on a motorcycle

On Behalf of | Oct 16, 2022 | Motorcycle Accidents

Riding a motorcycle can bring excitement and joy but also additional risks. There is rarely such thing as a minor motorcycle accident. Even a bump from behind can seriously injure a rider.

Several ways riders can minimize the risks include wearing the appropriate gear, taking a motorcycle safety course, and checking the weather before a ride. One significant preventative step is a T-CLOCS inspection.

Motorcycle safety foundation (MSF) recommendation

While you’re riding is not the ideal time to find out there is an issue with your bike. T-CLOCS is an acronym used by the MSF to help you check over your motorcycle before riding it. Here are what those letters stand for:

  • Tires: Too much can go wrong with faulty motorcycle tires. Check the thread, pressure, and hardware of your tires.
  • Controls: These are all of the parts that make your bike go. Examine cables, brake and clutch, throttle and hoses. You don’t want to find a stuck throttle mid-ride.
  • Lights (and electrics): A bike must have properly functioning lights. Ensure all your lights and turn signals are working before riding.
  • Oil (and other fluids): Check levels and ensure no leaks.
  • Chassis: Ensure your frame is not cracked, bent, or broken. Check your suspension, belts, and chains.
  • Stand: Whether you have a center or side stand, ensure the spring is working, nothing is bent, and it’s functioning correctly.

This is only a list of areas to check. Your motorcycle manual is the best reference to use when performing this inspection. Sometimes you can follow all the rules and recommendations and still have a motorcycle accident. That’s because so much of your safety depends on other road users. In that case, you may want to learn more about personal injury laws to help recoup damages.