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Who Is Responsible for Lake of the Ozarks Cruise Accidents?

On Behalf of | Jul 25, 2023 | Boat Accidents

There are many attractions surrounding Lake of the Ozarks, not the least of which are the many companies that offer residents and tourists alike the opportunity to cruise out on the lake. Most of these lake cruising companies are owned and operated by law-abiding local residents who enjoy taking customers out for day and evening excursions on our picturesque waterway.

But the reality is that accidents happen even when the boaters and their guests are following all the rules and laws of the state of Missouri. 

When disaster strikes, who bears liability?

The answer to that question depends a great deal on the circumstances behind the collision (or other adverse event). For instance, if people get hurt or killed when another drunken boater rams the cruise boat, the intoxicated driver and/or the owner of the boat that caused the boating accident could be at fault.

But what if the cruise operator was negligent? Perhaps they overloaded the boat past capacity and it sank offshore as a result. Or maybe the captain failed to do the necessary due diligence to check and double-check the weather before heading out into a coming storm. Then, the liability could rest with the tour company, boat operator – or both.

Even something that may seem minor, like a slip-and-fall accident, takes on heightened danger when it occurs away from shore. What on land might result in a strained or sprained ankle could turn into someone going overboard into the lake and possibly being struck and killed by the propeller.

Were you injured on a Lake of the Ozarks cruise?

Learning more about personal injury laws here in Missouri can help you determine your next move.