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Why car accident victims should be wary of social media

On Behalf of | Jul 12, 2023 | Car Accidents

It is now common practice for car accident victims to take pictures of the crash scene with their phones in the immediate aftermath of a wreck. It only takes a second to upload these pictures to one’s social media account(s). It only takes a moment to vent about one’s circumstances after suffering harm due to another driver’s negligence. 

Yet, it is important to avoid taking these actions once you have captured accident-related photographs on your phone. Why? Insurance claims adjusters and attorneys representing the others involved in your case will likely scour your social media accounts for any evidence that they can use to undermine your ability to pursue rightful compensation. 

Don’t give an inch

You would never dream of venting to an insurance claims adjuster, nor would you ever send pictures of your crash to opposing counsel unless your attorney advised you to do so. By posting information about your accident on social media, you are providing these services to “the other side” voluntarily.

Even pictures and posts that seemingly don’t have to do with your crash can compromise the strength of your case. You can imagine, for example, a scenario in which opposing counsel uses a picture of you holding your young child as evidence that your shoulder isn’t really as hurt as you claim. 

Staying off of social media is hard, partially because staying off of screens is incredibly hard. Insurance claims adjusters and opposing counsel understand this reality and will seek to use it to their advantage. Don’t give them an excuse to limit your ability to receive compensation. Don’t give an inch. Instead, make the tough effort to stay off of social media — for now. Your future self may just thank you for it.