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Why semi-automated cars don’t make for a safer future 

On Behalf of | Sep 4, 2023 | Car Accidents

Many people envision a future with self-driving, flying cars that take people wherever they want. While the world may not have flying cars, it is one step closer to having fully automated vehicles. Many people can own semi-automated or “self-driving” cars that are intended to make roads safer.

Many self-driving car manufacturers advertise that their cars can eliminate user errors. Their self-driving cars use algorithms and training to reduce accidents. The intention is to greatly reduce the number of drunk driving, distracted or speeding accidents. These cars may even avoid possible accidents by examining other vehicles on the road.

A lot of investors put their trust in self-driving cars. But, is that trust misplaced? It’s possible that self-driving cars aren’t as safe as people say and many people are putting their and other’s lives on the line. Here’s why:

Sensors can’t identify pedestrians

Self-driving cars are trained for many scenarios. These cars are often able to identify cars around them and make decisions based on these other cars’ speeds and locations. Essentially, these cars can predict what other cars will do. 

One especially critical thing is making sure that self-driving cars identify pedestrians. Some self-driving cars struggle to identify people, especially when they’re jaywalking. Pedestrians are more likely to suffer fatal injuries from auto accidents. 

Programming errors can cause car accidents

To make self-driving cars safer, there has to be a lot of programming involved. A self-driving car’s programming also has to be precise – one issue can lead to serious injuries. For example, during a demonstration of a new model self-driving car, the vehicle started to run a red light. If the vehicle had run the red light, then there could have been a collision with the crossing vehicles. 

Self-driving cars may intend to make driving safer, but accidents can still happen. Victims of auto accidents need to learn about their legal rights when seeking the compensation they deserve for their injuries and losses.