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Vehicle issues are a common cause of semitruck crashes

On Behalf of | Nov 1, 2023 | Truck Accidents

Many motor vehicle collisions occur because of what someone does or fails to do at the wheel. Drivers cause crashes when they exceed the speed limit or get distracted. Other times, crashes occur because of an issue with the vehicle rather than a traffic violation or similar mistake. 

A surprising number of semi-truck collisions occur specifically because of issues with the vehicle rather than something the driver did or failed to do. Research by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration FMCSA indicates that approximately 10% of semitruck collisions occur because of issues with the vehicle rather than errors by a driver. 

What types of vehicle issues contribute to semitruck crashes in the United States? 

Maintenance issues and loading errors are top concerns

Individual truck drivers often have very little role in the maintenance of a vehicle. Their employers have a fleet of vehicles that the company maintains, and drivers have to trust that the company will replace bald tires and work on bad brakes before they take their next load out on the road. 

Unfortunately, delays in maintenance, often inspired by a desire to save money, may potentially lead to preventable collisions. Additionally, the way that trucking companies or their clients load trailers can also cause semitruck collisions. Uneven weight distribution and liquids in a trailer are both examples of loading issues that could affect the performance of the vehicle on the road and increase the likelihood of the commercial driver losing control. 

Those who understand the factors that contribute to semitruck collisions may have an easier time holding the right party accountable for a crash after it occurs. Reviewing the condition of a vehicle can help people determine if an employer or a client, rather than a driver, might ultimately be at fault for a wreck.