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3 mistakes people often make after boating crashes

On Behalf of | Feb 23, 2024 | Boat Accidents

People often rent boats to go out for fun on Lake of the Ozarks. Others who live locally might actually purchase a vessel so that they can head out onto the open water whenever they want. Boating can be relaxing and enjoyable, but it does come with a certain degree of risk.

Sometimes, what should be a pleasure cruise out on the Lake results in a collision with another vessel. Most people don’t anticipate boating crashes even though they recognize that they are possible. They might therefore make serious mistakes when handling the aftermath of a boating crash. The three mistakes introduced below are among the most common.

Failing to document the incident

Especially if a boating crash occurs some distance from other people, there may not be any witnesses to corroborate someone’s claim about what actually transpired. Therefore, the people involved in a boating incident may need to gather evidence shortly after the crash occurs to prove exactly what happened later.

Memory begins to fade quickly after an incident, so people may want to take written notes. Other times, if someone has a mobile device handy, they could record video footage of the aftermath of the crash. They might also record themselves and other people on the boats making statements about what exactly happened. Those videos, written notes and photographs could eventually be important evidence if someone must seek compensation.

Choosing not to report the crash

It is natural for people to feel a sense of empathy for the others involved in a boating incident. Even when it is clear that the other party is at fault for the crash, people may worry about causing legal and financial challenges for another person. Sometimes, people decide to settle the matter on their own. Failing to report a boating collision can cut someone off from insurance coverage and may make it much harder for them to pursue a lawsuit as well. If there are injuries or major property damage, a report is also necessary to comply with state law.

Forgoing medical evaluation

Boating crashes could cause a host of different injuries ranging from broken bones to brain injuries. People can sometimes overlook traumatic injuries shortly after they get hurt. Some injuries progress over time. In other cases, someone’s bodily response to the crash might cover up their pain and other warning signs of an injury. A doctor might be the only person capable of identifying and diagnosing the injuries someone has after a boating crash.

Learning from the mistakes that other people make after boating incidents may make it easier for someone to hold the right party accountable and secure appropriate compensation after a crash on Lake of the Ozarks.