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What will a spinal injury cost you?

On Behalf of | Feb 2, 2023 | Car Accidents

Spinal injuries can be some of the most costly injuries, preventing you from doing so many things or at least making it all much harder.

One of the worst mistakes you could mistake after a vehicle accident is to accept a settlement before you understand how much your injuries will cost you. It could leave you unable to pay for the treatments, help and modifications you need. It might also leave you in poverty if your injury prevents you from working for a long time.

The cost will impart depend on which part of the spine you injured

Paralysis typically occurs below the site of the injury to the spine. If it is higher up your back, the damage and, therefore, the costs will be more significant than if it is lower down your back.

The total costs will also depend on how long you live

The first-year costs are usually the highest, as they include treatment and adaptation costs. From then on, the annual costs should be much lower, but someone who gets a spinal injury aged 20 will need more years of compensation than someone who is injured aged 72.

Estimates for 2021 ranged from just under U$400,00 to over a million for first-year costs and from U$46,000 to just over U$200,000 for the following years. Those figures will be higher now.

If you suffer a spinal injury in a car crash, seek legal help to understand more about how to claim the total amount of compensation you will need.