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How can age affect boating safety?

On Behalf of | Jun 3, 2023 | Boat Accidents

If you are out on your boat on the Lake of the Ozarks this summer, it’s important to stay aware of the other boaters around you. Any one of them has the potential to injure or even kill you.

They’re not setting out to do this, of course. It’s just that people can make mistakes. When looking at who might make a mistake, it’s worth considering age.

Young boaters

There are some highly accomplished young boaters out there, with some having sailed solo around the world before they reached 18. However, they could only do that because they had already gained significant sailing experience. Many of the youngsters taking to your local waters won’t have much experience at all, because they haven’t had the time to accrue it yet.

Older boaters

While you’d be correct in saying that an older person taking a boat out for the first time also lacks experience, they at least have the benefit of better judgment that usually comes with age. Teens and those of college age are particularly prone to peer pressure to go faster or drink while in charge of the boat that someone older can better ignore. Most older new boaters will also have had driver’s licenses for some time, so they’ve navigated a vehicle.

Maybe the retired couple coming toward you have amassed years of experience on boats. However, their hearing and eyesight will likely not be as good as that of younger boaters. Therefore, it’s wise to consider that — especially on a foggy morning when they might not spot you.

If a collision happens, thinking about how someone’s age may have played a role is just one of the ways to increase the chance you get the compensation you need.