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3 reasons people tailgate

On Behalf of | Jul 8, 2024 | Car Accidents

Tailgating can lead to severe injuries in traffic accidents. It’s a very common problem, and it’s difficult for drivers to avoid. If you’re driving ahead of a tailgater, you certainly understand the risks that they’re creating, but you can’t control how they drive and you may have no options to get them to pass. 

What you’re wondering may be why this person is tailgating you in the first place. Why would they risk causing a car accident? There are many potential reasons, but three of the most common are listed below.

They are frustrated or angry

First and foremost, tailgating is done by drivers who are experiencing road rage. Maybe the driver thinks that you cut them off. Now they are tailgating you and making hand gestures out their window. They are reacting emotionally and putting everyone else in danger because of it.

They are in a hurry

Next, many tailgaters are simply in a hurry and trying to get around. They are hoping they will either find a gap in traffic so they can pass or that you will speed up because they are tailgating you. 

They have no idea they are tailgating

Finally, there are some drivers who don’t even realize that they’re tailgating and that they’re not maintaining a proper following distance. For some, it becomes a habit. They always drive so close to the vehicles ahead of them that they start to see it as normal, and they are unaware that they are violating the law or increasing the accident odds.

If you get injured in a car crash caused by one of these drivers, be sure you know how to seek compensation for medical bills, lost wages and more.